We've kept things straightforward because that's the way we are. 

This is the standard package we offer, but your requirements may differ(for example,you may not require evening shots, or perhaps you'd prefer to have a larger album.) 

This is your day and we want to capture images in the way you wish, so if your  requirements differ, please let us know and we'll tailor a package that's exactly right for you.

A free,no obligation pre-wedding consultation (visits us, or we'll come to you) Pre-wedding shoot (at a time and location of your choice).

On the wedding day- preparation (separate photographer for each of you) 

Arrival at the church, the wedding ceremony Arrival at the reception,traditional family group shots Speeches and cutting the cake Relaxed,romantic portraits of the wedding couple Evening recepetion up to the first dance (We do not runaway straight away after first dance)

Total charge  £1400 ( Currently £200 off main wedding packages) 

Deposits of  £250 payable at time of booking. 

 Remaining £950 (With Current Wedding Offer) payable no later than 14 days before the  wedding date.

If you only require me for part of the day I can complete that for £650 (Max of 6 Hours) 

(That does not include a wedding album)  

We can still provide a wedding album for you with prics starting at £90