The story so far...

Reconnecting with my passion for photography in the mid 2010s, this passion has since become profession, made possible by the incredible support of my family, friends and of course my clients.

These relationships are the core of both my personal and professional life.  I have been able to develop Simon Watson Photography as a full time business. Leaving behind 21 years of retail management, the journey has been one of continuous development, challenge and reward, as I have turned my passion into a profitable and growing business.

Starting out first in wedding photography, I still relish capturing the authentic moments of love, joy and connection that make weddings so magical. Now taking this story-telling approach further, I’ve found success in commercial and lifestyle photography too, growing my abilities and technology to deliver an even greater bread and quality of service. 

With the many twists and turns of my new career so far, all I can hope is that the chapters ahead are just as colourful, rich and filled with the varied stories I love to share…

My photography style

Authentic. Professional. Personal. Adaptable.

These are the core elements of my style that I bring to every project. Beyond that, how I apply this style and my skills very much depends on the type of project I’m working on.

You might be wondering, how can a wedding photographer really capture my corporate identity? Or perhaps, how a commercial photographer can really understand the intimate moments during a wedding ceremony or elopement? The truth is, I believe each sector and project I photograph makes me better at the other, with all benefiting from the same care and passion that goes into every project I undertake.

My commercial projects have given me far greater insight into the application of photographic technique and technology to achieve specific goals that align to brand, budget and business need. Meanwhile, my wedding photography allows me to see the stories and connection in even the smallest moments. Continuing to bring these disciplines and others together, I am confident in delivering a style that delivers results, puts my clients at ease no matter their needs and ultimately showcases why I am so passionate about being a professional photographer.

Working with me

I hope by getting to know a little more about me, my passion for photography and my style, you’ll feel more confident in considering me for your own project, event or special day. However as a photographer, I know the power of images to speak more than I ever could, so please take a look through my portfolio and service pages to see what my passion and photography style can achieve for you…

Photography Portfolio


The biggest compliment and greatest achievement across my photography and videography work, is to receive reviews and referrals from my wonderful clients. I am hugely grateful to all who share their experiences working with me to help others choose the right photographer for their project.


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